Wire Harness Routing Clips for Extrusion

I’ve made some simple printed clips that attach to the Aluminum extrusion with a 90 degree twist, and hold the wiring harnesses. Eliminates most of the zip ties and allows for easy removal and reattachment and secure routing. Also it looks a little neater. I’ve also put these files, along with the scad versions, up on Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:820557).

Blue skies,
Jim Rasmussen
2020Clip1x13mmSlideIn.stl (37.9 KB)
2020Clip2x10mmSlideIn.stl (36 KB)
2020Clip1x13mmTwistIn.stl (57.3 KB)
2020Clip2x10mmTwistIn.stl (55.4 KB)

I love them! I am constantly swapping out tool heads and wiring harnesses for testing purposes, and have flown through my share of zipties. It is now a thing of the past!

Looks great! I got my TAZ5 about 4 weeks ago, and had just started seeing situations where I needed to re-route the extruder cable while printing very tall items.

This is the perfect solution, I’ve grabbed the files. Thanks!

– Mike

What a great idea!

too good to pass up, nice work and thanks for the files!

Added a new variation on this extrusion clip. Now the cable can be secured to the clip with a zip tie run through the body of the clip.
The twist-off version can still be twisted on and off the extrusion with the cable still secured to it.


These are also up on thingiverse with the OpenSCAD file, if you want to modify them. (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1035974)

Printing requires a fairly well tuned machine and slicing profile, as there is an internal slot for the zip tie routing. Tolerances could be opened up in the OpenSCAD file.

Jim Rasmussen
2020ZipClipV2-1x13mmTwist-on.stl (126 KB)
2020ZipClipV2-1x13mmSlide-on.stl (97.6 KB)

Nice! I’m currently using the ones where you just push in, but I found that to be really hard to push in and often breaking. Thanks for this