Comments on upgrading Taz 5 to Aerostruder

I just upgraded our Taz 5 to the Aerostruder head, and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

First, the kit arrived in good shape, but was missing the screws for the plate hold downs. I substituted ones I had laying around.

My Taz 5 had two alignment pins in the connector. One of these needed to be removed to mate the connectors. This was not documented.

Upgraded the firmware without issue, and first Cura prints looked pretty good.

We use Simplify3D, and I ran into some problems getting that connection working again after the firmware upgrade. Characters were garbled, so I changed the baud rate to 250000, which solved the problem. I’m not sure why this was needed, because Cura was talking to it fine at 115200. In addition, I needed to “Include line numbers and checksums” to get past checksum errors.

My prints were looking pretty good, but I noticed that the system was having a very hard time keeping the nozzle at the programmed 205 degrees - dropping near 195 during printing. When not printing, it had no problem. I noticed that E3D sells a V6 silicone sock for this nozzle. I ordered some of these, and it immediately solved the problem. Now, the temperature is dead stable at 205 while printing, and the quality of the prints looks fantastic. I sure hope Lulzbot makes these a standard part of the kit!

I’ve only printed a small number of objects with the Aerostruder, but after these initial bumps, it looks very promising…

I’m hoping to get one of these soon myself for my Taz 5.
The thing that puts me off is the latest firmware makes the main board fan run at full speed which is way too loud for where my printer is.