Taz 3 upgrade to Aerostruder SE .5m

HI all,
I am looking for help getting the Aerostruder SE .5mm up and runnning. After making the wire harness adapter to connect the taz3 wiring to the aerostuder. I have everything working except the filament drive motor.
Things I have tried:
-I have continuity tested each of the wires and all 4 have passed, so wiring should be good.
-Upgraded the firmware to taz 5 single aeroextruder (the was what lulzbot support told me to use with the new extruder head)
-Checked wire locations on rambo 1.2 board

  • Heated extruder to 210c and tried to extrude using machine interface, Cura, and simplify 3d (all no luck)

Lulzbot support was helpful until everything happened. If anyone has an idea how to get this up again or would like more info please let me know. I got our school to purchase the upgrade in tool head just before the lulzbot shut down.