After replacing fuse x stepper rattles w/o moving

While I was cleaning my hotend a fuse blew on the RAMBO card. After i replaced the fuse the x stepper rattles loudly even w/o the belt. It also doesn’t mov except for the rattling.

Sounds like your x stepper got fried.

Steppers are not feasible to replace on the Rambo board, but if you never use dual extruders, the second extruder stepper driver can be remapped to be your X axis driver.

There’s also a chance that it was the stepper motor that got fried, which you can easily check by plugging another motor in in place of the X motor. If you don’t have a spare motor, swap the X/Y cables at the control board, and be ready to power down since the motor won’t be moving toward the correct endstop when movement starts. If the movement problem transfers to the Y axis, you know it’s the stepper driver. If the problem remains on the X axis, the problem is with the stepper motor.

I had just purchased a replacement rambo board because the the current board can’t seem to handle long runs. It would freeze or something similar if the print was too long.
Is it viable to just replace the board and stepper?
I believe i have spare steppers as well. I will check it hopefully this weekend.

Replacing the board will replace the steppers. Just plug everything into the same spot on the new board (take photos and use the site as reference).

Once installed, flash to the latest firmware and you should be good to go.

But test the motor first on the old board, as if the motor died and was the culprit for the fried fuse and driver on the old board, you don’t want it taking out your new board.

I will do that. Thanx