After Y rails replacement and belt tensioning?

Anyone know how to reset the Y positioning so that the wipe pad is in sync with the nozzle?

You need to insert a G92 Yxxx command after the G28 (home) and before the wipe command (G12 or manual G1 movements) in the startup GCODE.

Thanks, will do as you suggest… in a few days. Found that my X rail bearings need to be replaced. Might be the source of the close/far variance in the print you commented on.

G92 Y???
wipe position is about 10mm in front of pad. To position it further back, use a smaller of larger value? And is the value the amount Y is off (Y-10 or Y+10)?

looks like all the wipe instructions are hard coded as 178-176. Change these values as well?
G1 X45 Y178 Z-.5 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X55 Y176 Z-.5 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X45 Y177 Z0 F4000 ; wiping

So, if it’s only wiping wrong, but the rest of the coordinates are correct, just adjust the wipe coordinates. If it’s wiping too far forward, add 10 to the Y coordinates in the wipe section.

If all the Y coordinates are wrong when printing and wiping:

G1 X10 Y10 Z10
G92 X10 Y0 Z10

Will home all three axes, move the nozzle to X10 Y10 Z10, then tell the machine that the current position is actually X10 Y0 Z10, effectively shifting Y’s physical position for any given coordinate to the rear of the machine by 10mm.

After homing all three axis, via the Console I send G0 XYZ commands to attempt positioning the nozzle over the wipe pad to determine the Y value needed. However, for Y axis I can’t enter a value high enough to be over the pad. Highest value is G0 Y200. No movement with G0 Y220 etc.

The Y position for the Z leveling routine is off by same amount as wiping.

It sounds like the Y axis is physically mounted wrong then, causing the homing position to be inaccurate.

Edit; With the machine off, can you physically move the bed far enough that the nozzle could wipe?

Yes, I can move Y into position.

G0 Z0
Nozzle sits 35mm in front of wiper pad center.

I’ve looked back through the OHAI Bed Plate Assembly Workflow and can find nothing that is wrong with my reassembly unless… I’ve mounted the Y bumpers (front/back) incorrectly or messed up the electrical connections (positive/negative). Not finding pictorial or wiring documentation online to help figure this out.

The Mini2 uses sensorless homing, so those vestigial wires don’t connect to anything.

Can you confirm that the bumpers are contacting when homing, or is something else catching and causing it to stop?

Can’t find an obstruction. Have disassembled again. When a couple of parts arrive I will carefully follow the Ohai assembly instructions.
My bearing holders house 2 each side. At what point did they move to a single bearing one side?


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