Nozzle is missing wiper pad and hitting mount

On my TAZ6, during the bed-leveling procedure, the nozzle is coming down too far to the right and is just rubbing the nozzle on the plastic mount of the wiper pad. During the process, it manages to wipe on the wiper pad enough to pass the bed-leveling test, but my wiper mount is getting melted by the nozzle. I would have to guess this is some sort of x misalignment, but I don’t know where to start.
I’ve attached a video of the problem as well.

TAZ6 Goofing Up.mp4 (7.11 MB)

I’d check the X min stop to see if it is loose or has moved. The wiper pad start G-Code moves between X=-15, X=-17, Y=100, and Y=23.

First check where zero is by using the LCD “Movement, Auto home” or sending a G28 to the printer (you can do this without heating the nozzle). The LCD should display X:-19.00 Y:258.00 Z:10.00 or you can send M114 to the printer. The nozzle should be centered over the Z min stop switch. Might also be good to check the stop switches with an M119.

You can manually move the nozzle with the LCD to X=-15, Y=100 (or use G1 X-15 Y100) and the nozzle should be over the wiper pad. With the LCD, step X one mm at a time and observe that the nozzle moves. If something interferes with the movement, this can alter the printer firmware’s sense of zero versus the actual nozzle’s sense of zero.

I had this issue with a previous Firmware release, my single print head would wipe both short on the X and Y dimensions. It is close to being off with a dual V3, but it doesn’t rub anymore.

The dual v3 kit includes a wider wiper pad. The edge closest to the bed is in the same spot so you don’t have to switch the pad when you switch between the dual and single extruder, but you could change the start gcode for the single extruder to use more of the width if you want.

I still think your X min stop is out of adjustment.