All metal hot end upgrade

I would like to upgrade my Kittaz with the all metal hot end. As far as I can tell, I can do this by just purchasing the hot end alone and running the extra wires and such for the second fan, along with updating the firmware. Has anyone else done this upgrade? Am I correct in assuming this? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

The Kittaz is basically a Taz 4, so you want to follow this handy “add a hexagon hotend to your TAZ 4” guide that shows all the steps. But essentially yes, you have the right idea.

I have seen those instructions, and they seem to be instructions on replacing the whole tool head, not just the hot end. Is there any difference between the tool heads other than the hot ends?

Yes there are a couple differences in the plastic. Both the extruder body and the exruder mount block are different. The extruder body has a recess in it to accomodate the J-head portion of the Hexagon hotend, which extends up from the metal mount plate, and the Extruder mount block has the location to mount the always on fan. The gears, motor, hobbed bolt and idler arm are basically the same. There is a small variance on the idler arm itself which prevents it from swinging down all the way and potentially impacting the leadscrew if you forget it is unlatched, but that piece is optional. You can reuse most of the other hardware though.

If you purchase the whole printhead, the change out is very simple and straight forward. The hardest part is adding the new wires for the always on fan, and it’s really not that hard. When I upgraded my Kittaz with the new printhead, I found that the gears on my buda printhead were better matched than on the new one. It was a bit more work to change them. But if you built a Kittaz in the first place, it’s no trouble at all.