An E3Dv6 variant taller extruder body

Here is a variant of the taller extruder mount designed to work with an E3Dv6 instead of a hexagon. Sourcing an actual 6mm extruder mount plate is a pain in the ass, but I do know of two locations to find them if anyone needs one.

Extruder_-_Spacer.stl (43.6 KB)
taller extruder E3DV6.stl (528 KB)

Why not just print the extruder plate?

Aluminum flexes less than plastic.

In what situation would the hotend flex the plate? :slight_smile: And a 6mm ABS plate at 80-90% infill, sandwiched to the extruder… tough to flex.

Extremely high speed printing. At lower speeds it wouldn’t flex the plate. At 400mm/s and above, it would be a concern.

Hmm… ok. I don’t think i’d ever set the speed that high, but i guess its possible.

Filastruder has them…

Looks like they just have the plastic one or the aluminum bulldog mount.