A reinforced carriage and taller extruder mount for E3Dv6, with bonus left hand duct

This variant of the taller extruder mount and reinforced carriage is specific to the E3Dv6 and compensates for the taller mounting plate. It probably will not fit the standard taz 5 mounting pieces. The left hand duct however will fit my previously released reinforced carriage variants and the carriage for the improved flexible fillament extruder if you would like to use it. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1538341
extruder taller modifications E3DV6.stl (528 KB)

So far this carriage resolves the issue of small blobbing in corners as seen with the hexagon nozzle entirely. Such blobbing is generally minor and is only visable (but not caused by) if you have the other modifications (openbuilds extrusions, etc) installed.
carriageae3dv6.stl (660 KB)

left_duct_1_0_a.stl (257 KB)