New tool head v2 and Ninja Flex?

Just got my new tool head kit to put in my TAZ 4 and wanted to know if I can use it for printing Ninja Flex? It looks like around 1/4" between the roller and filament entry, not sure if this is too much space and the filament will wrinkle and fold up like it did on the original.

It’s going to be the same thing- You need to have the filament constrained on all sides from the hobbed bolt all the way down into the hot end. You should be able to print with semi-flexible filament.

Did you just say that the new tool head can print semi flex? sweet! does the budaschnozzle do that too?

Actually I was asking if it can and the apparent answer is NO.

Both the Buda and the All Metal Hotend can print Ninjaflex and Semiflex. But they need an extruder capable of feeding them the material. The standard TAZ toolhead and the new toolhead v2 can’t print Ninjaflex (well, not fast/reliably). The Flexystruder can print Ninjaflex. It uses the Buda now. Future versions will likely have an all metal hotend (e.g. a Flexy v2)It is pretty straightforward, so people can probably make their own without too much trouble. But we don’t have one done for a product yet. We’ll have files here as we make it:


That’s good to hear. My Taz5 is on the way. Once familiarized, I hope to get the dual extrusion up and running.

So it sounds like the flexistruder guide piece just needs to be modified for the new hotend. Doesn’t sound too bad… :slight_smile:. At least the part exists for modification.

Thanks for filling us in on all the details!

Well, I can confirm that the stock Taz5 extruder/Hex will print with Flex EcoPLA. I did a test print using .2mm layers and it printed just fine. Cleanout was easy too.