Any spare parts for the new HE Tool Head?


Is there a project in the works to release the driving gear/shaft with the filament interface? I was wondering if there would be one that is like the original taz 6 piece where they are bearing spring loaded instead of the “teeth” grabing the filament.

I have already failed the first couple of prints on the new tool head and saw that the filament was being eaten through quite fast.

If there is a custom setting recommendation to not eat through the filament or troubleshoot those problems, then I am open to suggestions. I do not really know too much about the cura software side and am willing to learn! =)

Pulling back on the filament guide relaxes the pressure from the idler, so that’s more or less equivalent to releasing the idler on the standard single extruder.

One big thing to keep in mind with the HE nozzle, is you need to run it at about 20c hotter. I don’t think the default profile settings in Cura run it this hot. I run PLA at 230c in mine with the HE nozzle (and did a good collection of glowing zombie hands for Halloween with it).

The default temperature for PLA when loading the HE is also too low, so I manually set to 225 before changing filament.

If you try and overtension the idler to try and force filament through, you’re just going to grind it. With PLA, you shouldn’t need the tension (I have the indicator nut about 3/4 of the way to the front when running PLA, HIPS and PC, and only slightly closer for ABS).

With the HE, your first reaction to most extrusion problems should be a little more heat. I don’t think you need to be above 240c for any PLA, so if you’re running that hot and it’s still stripping, slow it down slightly. The Aerostruder is pretty good at avoiding heat creep when used as a single head, so taking the speed down to about 85% shouldn’t introduce heat-creep induced jamming.

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