Anyone attempt to make a Javelin toolhead yet?

It’s the dual hexagon extruder. I tried to start by milling out the bottom bracket that is made of aluminum but failed with the workpiece worked its way loose from the clamps :frowning: I might be able to salvage with some manual cutting. Will attempt tomorrow and post pictures

Not yet, it’s on my list of things to attempt though. I got most of my cable chain mounts on the machine finally. After I get the sensors tied in as well, it’s on the list after “Top secret Extruder Upgrade Project X-4”

Its on my short list also. I can mill the aluminum parts on my CNC router. I’ll put some effort into it soon

Man… if you guys make good progress, it might light a fire to finish my x-carve build… :slight_smile:

Yes… :wink: We’ll keep you posted.

Attempting again since I messed up my first one. Turned my feed rates way down and smaller layers

Here’s the cut-out one. Need to finish the holes on my drill press though


Got the holes put in. Whoops, looks like there are more parts that I need to machine…

Looking great!

Does anyone know where the fan duct mounts? I dont see any holes on the drawings as to where it would go. I could “rig” it up thought but wanted to know what the proper way is

I believe that there are 2 and the mount on the underside of the extruder mount, one on each side of the extruders.

Looks like those are to cool the hexagons but what about the one that blows at the print nozzle? I suppose I can always just heat insert it anywhere

Fighting some major backlash issues on my X2 converted CNC. It aint pretty but after some filing and sanding, the hexagons fit

That looks great! That center circle on the plate has always intrigued me… could be a nice spot for a capacitance sensor. Is it greater than 12mm?

The circle is a diameter of 16. I ran the hotend cables through it.

I re-installed it on, and while using only one hotend, it’s printing good. It’s beefed up quite a bit in weight but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Piercet’s openrail is holding up great with no noticeable flex in the X axis.

Printing a new tube guide holder:
tube holder.PNG

That looks great. I need one too now Heh.

Care to share your drawings for the two aluminum parts so I don’t have to redraw them? What feedrate and end mill did you use.