Anyone figured out a Simplify3D profile for the Dual Flex?

Just got the official dual extruder in and installed, I’ll use slic3r if I have to but I’m hoping to continue using S3D. According to one of the techs at AO I need to insert a code into the header though he couldn’t quote it to me.

You might hit up support at S3D as well. They have been helpful with the questions I have had.

Please post what you find out here, since I am having the exact same issue.

Thanks, Ross

Hi guys!

It has been reported that Simplify 3D does not have an extruder offset box to enter values. You will still be able to set the offset for your second extruder by inserting this line into your start Gcode:

M218 T1 Xb Yc

M218 defines the offset
T1 selects which extruder (It will be T1 for our dually)
Xb will be your x axis offset (b is a constant)
Yc will be your Y axis offset (c is a constant. starting at -52.00 for first offset calibration print)

Once you have this inserted, you will be able to use our offset calculator to fine tune b and c.

Our complete dual extruder calibration instructions can be found here: