Anyone have a good S3D profile for T-glase?

Having a bear of a time with this. Thanks for any help.

I take it you followed the guidelines from Taulman. Search PET or PETG… there was a discussion a while back.

What issues are you having?

Yup, Also talked to Makergeeks directly. I started a new thread about it. Basically, prints are failing anywhere from second layer to 50%. Seems to be an issue with retraction. Adjusted tension many times and just get deeper grinding with same fail.

Hi Peter, are you still having issues? I recently printed T-Glass on my mini and here are the settings I used.

Nozzle Diameter = .6mm (actual physical size is .5mm)
Extrusion Multiplier = 1.0
Retraction Distance 1.5
Retraction Speed 1800mm/min

Layer Height = .3mm (I was going for clarity)

First Layer Settings:

Temps = 240 Nozzle/60 Bed

Layer 2 - Fan on @ 35%


1200mm/min print speed
4800 mm/min
1000 mm/min

Speed Overrides:
Check box, 15 seconds, 40%

Some roses I recently completed. The Super Rose from Thingiverse

Gorgeous prints. Thanks for sharing your settings.

Sweet. Will try them out. Thanks a bunch! And yes, really nice prints!

Cheers, appreciate it. It was an absolute dream to print with so I am surprised you are having issues. Id be curious to see what settings you were using though Peter?