T-Glase challenges

We have a Taz 4, completely stock for now. I’m trying to get some clear-ish prints using T-Glase but having some trouble balancing speed and temperature, I think.

I tried the Slic3r profile provided, but I had a lot of “stringlining” on internal circles. I turned the speeds down to 14mm/s, and got better circles but then I got a lot of strange over-extrusions (?) where I ended up with little bows in the perimeters.

Just for giggles I tried the nozzle temp at 212 as per Taulman’s recommendations, but the inter-layer adhesion was terrible. 220-230 is definitely right for a Taz, except when I get bows that scorch on the hotend.

On the plus side, T-Glase is very strong and adheres just right to a clean print bed (just the cover plastic). I’ve gotten good prints on straight lined objects with simple geometries, but still struggling on curves, overhangs, and corners.