help with T-glase

Does anyone have experience printing with T-glase? I will freely admit to not being a very experienced printer, after a year of printing with ABS, I am now experimenting with different filaments. I have a print that prints fine in ABS but fails in a variety of ways with T-glase. i am using the luzlbot Cura profile to print with but am uncertain what settings to adjust depending upon what fails. most recently the layers did not adhere. I even emailed an extensive amount of pictures, videos and files to Lulzbot support but did not get an answer-they are usually really responsive so I am not sure if that means, ‘i don’t know’ or ‘you sent too much documentation and we don’t have time to look it’.

any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Hello Melinda,

Could you please get back in touch with support. You can email photos of the print to:
Something must have happened with your email as they will always respond to a ticket.

If you set up Tglase with a high strength setting and print speed of 20 with a layer height of .45. I t will give you the best chances at a good print. But we would be able to look over your model to see what other suggestions may help.

Please make sure to use your PVA glue stick on the PEI, so that you will be able to remove the print.
I hope this will help.

thanks David, I sent a LOT Of photos, videos and file and ultimately sent a google drive link since there is much data. I tried to collect a lot to make sure your team had enough to work with maybe my multiple emails didn’t make it through?