Anyone here sell their old taz for a taz6?

Would it be worth it to sell my taz5 for the new taz6, or are the upgrades insignificant? I would only do this if upgrading the taz was not easily done

I dont think its really worth it. But maybe its from my lack of knowledge of the Taz 6?

The only “significant” thing I see is the 12mm rods and bearings. But I’m currently in the process of doing the open rail upgrade on my Taz 5 which is significantly better in my opinion.

Everything is minor quality of life improvements. Dont get me wrong, the Taz 6 is a better machine out of the box. New buyers should obviously spring for the 6. But I dont think its worth selling your Taz 5. Everything on there is something you could upgrade your Taz 5 to yourself.