AO-100 stepper motor bracket delamination... :(

During a move from one side of my printing table to another, I bumped the PSU with the Y axis stepper motor. This light tap caused the motor bracket to delaminate into two pieces. I am going to try some ABS gluing later today to fix the issue. This occurred after a few months of use and over 20lbs of plastic being ran through the machine.

Let me know if you can’t get it reprinted.

20 pounds! Man my AO-100 is underused. :smiley:

Sorry for the off topic, I hope you get this part fixed/replaced quickly and can get back to extruding large amounts of plastic. :slight_smile:

ABS glue is your friend. :mrgreen:

I glued it back together with ABS, it seems to be holding. Letting it dry for another 8 hours or so and then I am going to print a replacement.

Orias I do need to talk to you about my hot end when you get a chance.

Feel free to PM

Here are some shots of it glued together. The white residue is actually a grey that is the result of the black ABS glue being applied too thick. I decided to paint the whole bracket to help fuse the outer layers better.

I wonder if changing the print orientation may prevent such a mishap to happen again?

adding 2 extra mounting bolts certainly would (behind, or under the motor, mounting the bracket to the aluminum)…so it is not trying to bend on the mounting holes.

or you could print 2 of them and glue them together, back to back to get the same affect

Hey, just so we’re clear: it seems you got this handled, but if you want us to send you a part, we can certainly do that no problem.

Hey Jebba, no worries man. The glue fixed it and I have already printed a replacement!