AO-101 Compatibility with Cura?


I have an AO-101 Lulzbot printer and was wondering if the Cura Slicer/G-Code software is compatible with it?


Yes, the AOL 101 uses a Rambo board, it’s basically a 12v version of the electronics package you see in s Taz. The board itself is either the same, or a slightly order version. You would have to do some tweaking to get it working (bed size settings, feed speeds, etc) but it will definitely work

Yes, i’ve been wondering the same thing as there are 3 or 4 old AO-101 unused at the local creatorspace. Sometimes i go there to print a few things, but it being a creator space sometimes all the other printers are being used or are down for maintenance. Does anyone have a pre setup Cura profile that one could use for these? I suspect i could just tinker around with the generic reprap settings in cura, but a pre-made profle that could be used in 21.03 would be very nice. Thanks in advance.

There had been some on the old machine at the time the AO-101’s were in use. But when the AO-101’s were replaced with Taz printers and the Linux machine crashed and was replaced, the AO-101 profiles I had knocked together were lost.