Flash printer

Has anybody reset then flashed their printer. I think i have some issues that this would resolve. The first and foremost is I do not have the card that came with the machine so I do not know what he did. I have the issue of the calibration print is half off the bed when it tries to print. Plus the wire is not coming out fast enough to lay much down. The nozzle hits the bed. All these things going on seems like a start over scenario to me what do you think? I have bought it used so I do not know what the files look like. Is there a way to get a look at the config files that the machine is using? How do I do that? Thanks in advance!

If you just got a used machine with issues, flashing the firmware would be a great place to start. The easiest way to get back to stock firmware will be to download our version of Cura: lulzbot.com/cura

Then run through setting up your printer. Once complete go to Machine > Install Default Firmware.

Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support team at support@lulzbot.com

As a note, because this is used no hardware will be covered. We will be happy to help troubleshoot and diagnose however. Worst case scenario is you need to purchase a couple replacement parts.

Thanks Brent. My issue right now is that it runs the calibration print about a third off the bed. Any ideas?

Here’s a link to a video with the printer. If you have a few minutes I that would be awesome! https://youtu.be/gc0Ae0jmhvI
I’ll post some pics as well.

I had some 1.75mm PLA loaded and that was spotty at best. Plus the photo above shows how the calibration print loads. I have everything homed and set the height. I think to the proper place. I hit the extrude button after loading 3.0mm PLA filament because it has a 50 nozzle and it did extrude. So now my only issue is getting the thing to load the files in the proper spot in Printrun. Any suggestions please?

Whew, that one looks to be an A101. That printer is 4+ years old, we will not have firmware loaded into Cura for that machine. You will need to download and extract the Marlin files from here: http://download.lulzbot.com/AO-101/software/current/firmware/Marlin.tar.gz

You will then need to follow this guide: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/firmware-flashing/firmware-flashing/

The reason why your bed calibration print appears off to the side, is that gcode was set up for our TAZ style printers. They have a larger bed than the A101. You will need to re-slice this STL file for your printers correct size: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/juniperberry/production_parts/calibration/bed_calibration.stl

We have made quite a few advancements since the A101, and it is not as point and click as current models. Be sure to download the user manual as it is a great source of information: http://download.lulzbot.com/AO-101/documentation/current/AO-101-User_Manual.pdf

We have a few super users on the forum as well that have done some incredible mods for that machine as well!

So i have the wrong calibration file? I have gotten that file from the AO 101 downloads. I am going through those files now and trying to see if I can find the right settings to change. Thanks for the links!

If you got it from the A101 it should be the correct gcode file. If that is the case, it could be you do not have pronterface configured properly to the machine sizes for x/y/z. This shouldn’t be an issue, it will just display off center for the preview in pronterface.

Have you tried printing it, and does it attempt to print off the bed?

Well I have it working somewhat. I got it to print but not very good. The key is that it’s working!

@jel111 - Did you ever get it working? I’m working through getting my old A0 series up and running with the latest Marlin firmware, and I’ve posted my config up here: https://github.com/robacarp/Marlin

If you’re still looking for firmware, that’s working for me. I use the regular Arduino IDE to upload it to the printer, and have my slic3r config package in that same repo as well.

Edit: previously, I’ve used the pronterface program to run prints…but I’ve been really enjoying working with Repetier instead. Pronterface is very clunky in comparison. I fiddled with Cura but it wasn’t immediately obvious where to set the variables like feedrate and such, so I haven’t worked with that at all yet.


I know this thread is old but I had some things going on and stopped playing with that printer. I have since started again and all I did was level the bed a good 5 times better to get it right. I ended up buying Simplify 3D. All I had to do was use the Tax 3 profile and change the printer bed size. This old girl works great. Now I just have to find a replacement nozzle and I’m all good!