AO Hexagon hot end for sale on amazon

thanks to a heads up from jimbalny I recently was able to purchase a hexagon hot end from amazon at
I don’t have it yet, but slipvelocity has and says that it is identical to the ones that lulzbot sales. I have been wondering why there was no hot end available for individual purchase and from what I hear Aleph Objects will be putting one up for purchase soon, but in the mean time if your impatient to try and build a dual head like me there is where to get one. just though everyone might want to know.

Or you could just save 20$ and buy it from reprapdiscount for 49$. Buying items on Amazon not sold by amazon is for suckers most the time.

AO hex is different from the regular hex. Longer heaterblock, shorter heatsink.

Yep, it is identical. Choose the 24V/3.0mm option. I believe it ships from 3dmakerworld. You still have to purchase a micro blower fan from Lulzbot or develop your own solution (this kit comes with a 12V fan which doesn’t help Taz 4/5 owners without extra work).

Pictures of the kit you get are here:

The AO version is identical… Not the linked reprapdiscount version. The AO incorporates the larger heater block and shorter heatsink.