Backlash Compensation on TAZ 6 and/or Mini

I read the article about the backlash compensation on the new TAZ Pro and TAZ Workhorse and that got me thinking. The current version of firmware on the TAZ 6 has backlash compensation on Z and it looks like the additional piece needed to do X and Y is fairly simple. Would it be possible to add X and Y to the TAZ 6 (and Mini)?

I’m in agreement…

the “calibration cube” feature, for backlash control, seems an ideal upgrade for Taz 6 etc

Advanced users can mimic the same kind of functionality by using a long, conductive screw in the same location as the calibration cube. It’ll need some firmware tweaks as well. We don’t currently have plans to offer the machined calibration cube at this time, but if there’s enough demand we’ll consider it.

If you do add this to your TAZ, we’d love to watch your progress!

I agree that this would be a valuable upgrade to the 6!