New,TAZ Workhorse any first hand accounts?

Hello, I am thinking about buying the new Taz Workhorse. I have not seen any independent reviews on this printer yet. (Matter hackers does talk it up, but they talk up everything) Is there anybody out there that has been working with one for a couple of weeks? The other printer I am consideration is the Raise 3d Pro. The printer from Raise is a extra $1,000, I don’t need dual nozzles, that is why I am considering the new Workhorse from Lulz bot. Any information greatly appreciated.

I have been running one WH for a couple of weeks now. It suffered from the bed leveling problem some Taz 6 have. Details here:

I shimmed the corners and everything is running well now. I have a ticket open with Lulzbot about the issue. We should NOT have to shim the corner mounts to get a functional first layer on a machine that costs as much as this one does. I expect that kind of fiddling on a CR-10, not here.

Other than that single problem, it is a great upgrade from the Taz 6. The prints look great. Obviously, we don’t have enough time on it to talk about reliability but, it is very similar to Taz 6 so I expect it will do well.