Bad print, and stumped!

If you can offer any help, I’d be grateful!

I have been doing a few simple prints to dial in my new-ish TAZ5 and get to know all of the technical aspects of the process.

I threw together this simple cup, and no matter how I slice it (ha) the print is always incorrect - it widens with a marked protruding ridge about 1/4" up the side. The print then continues at that wider dimension smoothly for the rest of the print.

All I can deduce is it may have something to do with having just moved from the solid base of the cup to the walls in the print process.

The picture I am including is a partial print of the bottom 1/3". Printed with Cura, Lulzbot edition, printed with ‘standard’ setting and no modifications. I have tried lots of mods though (# perimeters, % infill, speeds).

It doesnt matter if I use Cura, Slic3r, or Simplify3D. I’ve tried all three and worked with every setting I can think of to get past this issue. I am totally stumped here! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


SimpleCup.gcode (5.82 MB)
SimpleCup.stl (413 KB)

Not sure if it would help, but… make sure to generate supports for the lettering which hangs on the side of the cup.

What type of filament and what temps are you using? I have run into issues those shown if the material cooling fan speed is incorrect.

I moved away from the simple settings fairly quickly and started using the expert mode. Using the Lulzbot Cura profiles simplifies this move tremendously.

Hi (and thank yo for your suggestions!)

The letters need support for sure, but this early part of the print comes out the same either way.

I have tried the advanced settings - print slower, dial up the fan, etc… I just can’t figure it out. I have even tried slic3r and Simplify3D. All three slicing engines deliver gcode that causes this issue. If I make the base of the cup much, much thinner - like 1.5mm instead of 5 or so, the ‘bulge out’ is less pronounced and hidden better because it is close to the bottom of the cup, but the issue still persists.

I wonder if it has something to do with perimeters & infil and they way they affect each other…but not sure how.

This cup is a simple model, but I want to figure this out because it has many of the characteristics of a far more complicated design I am working on for a prototype part.

Is there some cardinal 3D printing rule I am breaking with this design? I want to learn from this.


movingimage, the gcode you have provided looks pristine. No problems. Since you have got the same issue using several different slicers it would appear as though this issue is firmware or hardware related. I’d encourage you to contact support to help get this resolved. The right side column has contact info and hours of operation.

Hi Nick,

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this!

I contacted Support last week. At first, they told me it was a modeling issue and no support is offered for that. After further conversation they offered to help me and were very nice. They said they would try printing it themselves and get back to me. I hope to hear something soon.

Thank you!