Issues Printing Small Part

I am currently trying to print out a small part with my TAZ 5. The image below shows the original part on the left and my two attempts so far at printing. I used Tinkercad to replicate the part. The middle part is printed in ABS and the far right part is printed in PLA. I am using Cura for my software. I did notice that Cura is not allowing me to use supports. I believe this is because the part is to small because if I scale it to a bigger size, the supports show up.

I did attempt a third print using my dual extruder and using dissolvable filament (I used tinkercad to create a box around my part hoping that is would work as a support), but the dissolvable filament was not sticking well at all and was globbing up terribly. I canceled the part after a couple of minutes of printing.

Any advice would be much appreciated. If anyone needs to know individual settings that I used please let me know.


Try increasing the cooling fan. Another option is to print 2 of them, giving them time to cool before the next layer goes down.

I’m guessing you already have, but make the large flat surface sit on the bed. Odd that Cura isn’t generating supports though. You might try with Slicer or Simplify3D if you have it.


Can you tell me what specific settings you are referring to with the cooling fan? I am relatively new to 3D printing. Thanks for the reply!

It depends on the slicer you use. I’m going to assume you use Cura since that’s what Lulzbot recommends…

This is probably better documentation than I would write…

Step 5, cooling.

Thanks! I will definitely try some of those things and get back to you with the result!