Taulman t-glase settings for Taz 5?

Anyone have this filament dialed in? Share settings ?



The Cura profiles supplied by Lulzbot work OK. T-Glase can bond firmly to the PEI bed, similar to PLA.

Are you running the hot end at the Lulzbot recommended 230, or the Taulman recommended 235-240?

I have been following 230.


I print at 245C extruder temperature. I use a clean PEI bed at 60C for small prints. I use a thin PVA coating at 45C for items with moderate contact area with the bed (75mm diameter or more), hoping to make removal of the part easier.

Here is a photo of a blue T-Glase flower, 245C extruder, 500um layer height:

Wow very nice. I will give 245 a try today.