Bed Calibration Print Question

When we print the bed calibration file, we get a good print, but I often wonder about how it comes out as it isn’t consistent in the corners. Meaning in the front, the outer “box” has very rounded wide corners, but in the back, the corner radius us must smaller. Also, the tips of the “X” are further from the corner in the front, but closer in the back. I just wanted to know if this is actually how it is supposed to look, or if we have an issue with how it is printing? The attached image is how our calibration print looks.

The extrusion widths in the image look pretty consistent. The X is shifted, due to the print center positioning in Slic3r when the gcode was generated. Have you tried other prints yet?

That calibration print was from the cgode file that was on the SD card shipped from the factory. So is the factory gcode sliced with the wrong bed center coordinates? Is there an STL file for that bed calibration print the I can re-slice with updated settings?

The STL file can be found here:

Excellent, thanks! I’ll re-slice this with the profile we’ve been having success with and see how it prints.