Something a little odd

Wow!!! I just had an odd thing happen. Well, I have been working on a new set of Corner adjusters for the build plate.
The odd thing is that when I printed the Bed Leveling “G code” it utilized the build area, but when I decided to print a 10 inches by 10 inches square box it did not evenly utilize the build area. It actually left 32 mm gap from the left edge of the “X axis” and on the right side of "X axis there is a 12 mm gap from edge, but as for the “Y axis” it was evenly utilized. So, I’m a little twitched right now on how this happen. Seeing that the Bed Leveling “G code” utilized the bed evenly on the “X axis” and “Y axis”.

Here is an image of my slic3r settings for the Printer size and coordinates. I might be having a lapse of brain power and need for some one to just look at the “Bed Size and Print Centre” and tell me if I plugged in the wrong numbers.
printer settings.jpg

You may want to recut the model, just in case it was using a different temporary slicing config file, or fudge the center a bit with the offset you are seeing.