Centering Prints

I know this seems like a trivial question, but I can’t for the life of me center my prints. I have a lulzbot taz 3, I know the bed size is 298x280 and the center point 149x140. I’ve enter those values into multiple releases of slic3r in the configuration wizard and the the various modes while also varying the values themselves with zero luck. In slicer and in Pronterface, the grid has correct values of y=149 and x=140 displayed and the print is automatically centered within the grid. When it comes time to print the part it is off center and on larger prints the head hits the limit switch cutting off a section of the print. The sizes of my prints, if centered properly, would fit within my build volume. Finally on the latest release of Slic3r the view button allows you to see where the print sits within the build platform and it too shows the print being off center despite in the 2-d grid saying the part is on center which I think is a bit weird… lol! Anyways thank for the help.

How far off of center is your print? Have you tried to adjust your center point based on that measurement?

Take a look here, maybe it helps>

Claudio at Lulzbot was very helpful in solving the problem. Apparently when I went to update the firmware some how I screwed up. I’m not even sure what I did wrong, but the firmware was overriding any of the settings I placed in the slic3r software regarding the center location and the print bed size.

To fix it, he stepped me through properly loading the correct firmware using the arduino compiler. After that the firmware stopped overriding the slic3r software and I was able to control the bed center using the slic3r software.

Case closed.