Bed CaLibration Weirdness - double lines - SOLVED

Got the unit running today and have done a few prints, pretty sure i have an issue somewhere in regard to levelling, which i will work through… am i suppose to hear the nozzle rub over the print in a cross direction? :laughing:

  1. Anyone see any problems with this bed level print? should those lines double over like that? , i fixed the height since this pic.
  2. using std nozzle 3mm_pt5-nzl_pt3-lyr.ini … got that octopuss? end tenticles not nice … body seemed ok
    photo 13.JPG
    photo 1.JPG
    photo 2.JPG project parts … 3mm_pt5-nzl_pt3-lyr.ini looked ok while doing the job but when finished the part on the front right had warped corner… all parts a bit wonky, used support.

    I wonder if i should be using a finer nozzle and getting the layer height at .1 , I thought i would get an ok print with the above settings?

thoughts? , observations?


Looks like your nozzle is too high off the bed. Adjust the z axis limit switch screw so that a piece of paper slips tightly through between the nozzle and glass, but do that at normal running temp for the bed.


After i did that octopuss, I did those parts in the bottom shot… have a look at that perimeter line, pretty flat right?


Any print gurus interested in printing a selection of parts for me to help work out a prescription for multiples, We are avoiding heading back into the injection arena for a job that will probably max out at 100 units.<< :nerd: happy to buy a 1 kg reel for ya… let me know… hope u are in the same country as a fili warehouse :slight_smile:

I think I got the height sorted out…

I am a bit worried about the double lines in the bed calibration. See the cross in the middle? It draws a rectangle one way and a solid line the next?

  1. slightly harder on the glass
  2. raised 1/4 turn, seems a bit better.
    photo 2.JPG
    Anyway… see any issues with lines not being per drawing?



My Octopuss still looking a wee bit frazzled…

just loaded octo.gcode straight to pronter and did nothing else.

.50 nozzle 230/110

am I asking too much from the nozzle? will try one slightly harder on the glass…


The belt was loose … Print now looks like it should :slight_smile:
photo (5).JPG
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Cool, glad you got it sorted. Thanks for following up.