Bed/First Layer Detail

Very big Noob here. Been having great luck with my Luzbot Mini with everything except for designs that have detail facing the bed/on the first layer. I’ve mainly been using beginner mode, but have switched to full settings to work with this.

As an example I’m printing a 6-sided dice. The six is the layer hitting the bed. The six ends up less detailed and not as wide as the other numerals and the first layer is slightly bulged on the edge.

Any recommendations on printing for good detail on the bed-facing layer? I tried slightly lower temperature on the bed (95 degrees). Printing with Hips 3.0mm.

Image and profile attached.

HIPS_medium-quality_Mini_single-extruder-v2_0.5noz_cura.ini (12.2 KB)

Check that your first layer height,first layer extrusion width and every other option where cura tries to cheat on first layer is set to 100%. That means it should use the same settings as for every other layer. Then check your z offset or adjust the set screw until your first layer height measured with a caliper is exactly the layer height you have chosen in cura. Search the forum for details, this is a very common problem for beginners.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Try a Z-offset of .1 in your slicing software. If Cura, goto the “Machine” menu and find Z-offset in the new dialog box.