Bed heater show E:0 on Pronterface display

So, I’m using pronterface to print on my Ao-101.

Not sure this is a software or hardware issue…

When I set the bed temp on the display shows E:0 instead of what I’m used to seeing, the 110 or what ever it was set to.

Does this mean my bed heater is dead? :cry:


E:0 is extruder 0, not the bed.

Hmm…I never paid much attention to the line when it worked. So I never leaned what it was trying to say. :confused:

I jumped to the “bed is having an issue” since it was not heating when the heat on gcode was being sent.

In any case, I shut it all down for the night. The next day I tested the resistance of the thermistor and the bed, all good. I reseated all the connectors. Then powered everything up again and all appears good and it’s printing now.

I replace the PI 2 with a PI 3. So it has the latest Rasbian and the latest Pronterface. It’s also possible I didn’t reboot after doing apt-gets for a bunch of stuff including Pronterface, Arduino, etc.

Thanks for the reply.