Bed Leveling Fails at 2nd Washer

I had to abort a print that had a problem an hour in. I reset the Mini and restarted the print, but at the 2nd washer the X axis is not advancing far enough to position the nozzle over the washer.

I shut off the Mini, powered it back on, and the jog controls will allow me to move the X axis over enough to put the nozzle over the washer.
Any ideas what would cause this, and how to correct it?

Does it hit the left front washer correctly? If not, it could be something with the X limit switch and the machine does not really know where the X position truly is. Stepper motors have no feedback so the only way to tell where the X-axis is located it to run it until the carriage hits the limit switch. If something broke off it may move too far to the left before it thinks it hit it or if the switch is broken, the code may just run for a N steps and then give up and pretend it hit it. I don’t know if you get a fail code if the limit switch never detects the carriage.

I’m just guessing but it might be worth hitting the X-home button and watching that it goes all the way to the left and you hear the limit switch click.

Thanks for the suggestion. I never thought to check that.
It appears to properly position the nozzle at the first washer.

I guess I found the problem…

Whichever motor company shipped those motors owes everyone a new motor at this point. That’s about 20 of them now.

That was the last thing I had suspected to find. While trying to figure this out, I noticed the descent to the 2nd washer was becoming further away each time. I thought maybe the belt needed tightening. Then I got an odd sound when centering the print head to check the belt.

This thing has maybe 100 hours of print time. Luckily I have a few extra motors on hand so I can get back up and printing the last few parts for my TAZ 3-5 mods. Some plans changed mid-build…

Glad you have a quick way to fix it. That’s just nuts. Did they make the shaft out of PLA or something? :confused:

Maybe I should order a spare stepper, just in case…

And there goes the Y axis stepper now.

Mini won’t be a year old until next month…

Put a vibration isolator on it when you replace the motor.

Thanks for the recommendation.
Do you have one on your Mini? I ask because the motor sits pretty low and there’s not much space to move it lower.

I have one installed on the Y motor. It works great. I just put it in between the motor and frame without moving the pulley. It reduces the noise considerably.

Thanks for the recommendation. May order a few for my TAZ too.