Mini leveling not hitting second washer.

It is not going far enough over to hit the second washer. And on the first washer it is on the very edge so its not like it has shifted. Had this happen on 2 computers. 1 running 19.12 and the other running 21.04 The mini is running Marlin V1.0.2.2

I can’t update cura past 21.04 because it no longer works on older computers. I can’t upgrade the firmware to current for the same reason.

The printer recently had a print shift halfway up and spaghettify on an overnight print. Not sure if related.

I had this happen to mine a few years ago.

Easy to check the stepper and rule this out:

Not that but it does seem to be the stepper itself.if I move the X gantry it has a spot where it gets easier for about 1/16th-1/8 of the rotation. Always the same spot so I an inclined to believe the stepper has been damaged or something. Gear is fine though.

Did you loosen the belt and check the shaft?
I ask because I had checked the gear and travel seemed to be working fine when manually moving the axis, but when I removed the belt I pulled the snapped shaft right out.

Don’t have a set of metric allens handy to take it apart. This is what is was doing though. Sorry my voice is kinda low

If I have to buy a motor will this one work? I would buy one from lulzbot but they no longer stock them.

Yeah, you’re going to need some metric hex wrenches. You’ll need a 1.27mm for the timing pulley, and I think a 2.5mm for the stepper motor bolts. You can find a small/inexpensive set containing the sizes you’ll need.

Loosen one of the screws holding the X axis belt to the carriage to relieve tension on the pulley.
Reference Step 6:

At this point, you will be able to tell if the timing gear is loose or if the stepper is broken. The shaft fell right off on mine one I had removed the belt.

I don’t think so. If you need one, get this one from Lulzbot:

The two stepper bolts next to the frame were a bit of a pain to access, but it’s a fairly straightforward and easy job to replace the stepper if necessary.

I would get that stepper if they carried it. They list it but it has not been in stock for months.

I have a set of metric allens. They were just not handy earlier. Ill dig into it monday when I get back to work

Bummer. I’d bought a few extras to keep on-hand a few years ago. As long as you match the specs, you should be able to find one elsewhere.
Try Matterhackers.

I have the same issue on a mini 1.04, I changed the x and y steps to 100 for more accurate prints. If i put it back to 100.5 they reach ok. But my older minis dont have this issue when set to 100.