Bed seems to be not flat...

Hi everyone,

I have a big issue with my printbed since it seems to be not flat… I mean, I calibrated the whole day the 4 corners and all are at the same height (same feeling when I apply force on a paper sheet ) but the force increase when I travel from one corner to another to reach the maximum in the middle.

I have really no idea how this can be possible and all the parts I try to print need to be scrapped since the printbed is higher in the middle and decrease height when approaching corners.

I thought that I was perhaps applying too much pressure on the springs but even when I remove any pressure on the corners, the problem is the same.

If anyone of you has any idea, this would help me a lot !

Thank you

There are about a dozen threads on this already.
Please search around.

The issue is the bars that the extruder head travels along for the x-axis droop under the weight of the extruder.
The bed is flat and level. The x-axis bars bend.

Everybody’s TAZ does this. You are not alone.

Level the four corners. Set the z-axis height in the center of x and y, then just print away.

Happy Printing.

Dear Edlink,

Thank you a lot for your answer that helped me a lot. This make sense! But it should be possible to avoid this therefore for instance by rotating the bars to 90°. I found the topic, thanks! I will read it!

reduck, can you link the other thread that you found information pertinent to this discussion?


If link does not work, search “linear bearing backlash, big X axis issues”