Taz 4 bed leveling barelly possible?

I have a Taz 4 since a few weeks, and have had success with printing a few objects.

The bed leveling however is very difficult, as inner left corner has to be at it’s highest, while the Z stop at it’s lowest.
It’s possible to print like this, but it’s barely possible to hold the leveling paper on that corner, and the screw is almost popping out (as both bed and head have to be at their max there) There is basically no margin to get them closer.

Is there anything I can do about this?
I’ve tried different places around the flat in case the ground wasn’t perfectly flat, but same issue…

Thanks for your attention!

edit: it might be possible to (motors off) turn the left Z motor in order to lower the head closer to the bed?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you’ve assembled your TAZ4 properly?

After double-checking (triple-checking) to make sure there’s not an assembly issue, I’d remove the glass bed and check the distance from extruder head to the aluminum mounting plate in the four corners. See if that distance is similar all the way around.

I’m pretty new to 3d printing so can’t offer much advise, but there is one thing that got me often when leveling.

Are you sure you X-axis is level in relation to the aluminum plate?

Thanks for the tip, yes the glass plate is level with the aluminium plate (checked on the edges with a caliper), and assembly is as should. I was worried it got bent somehow, but don’t seem so luckily.

Yes the X axis is tricky, I always end up having to fix it after a round of each corner. Should start there. The manual only mentions setting the right side manually, I guess the left might have misaligned, I will try lowering it by hand there.

Thanks for the answers : )