Bed vibration when moving quickly TAZ6

I’ve got a TAZ6 which I’ve used a lot and I noticed that somewhat recently whenever the bed leveling is happening and the bed quickly moves forward and back there is a vibration in the bed. Is this maybe due to the beige bearings underneath the bed needing replacement or something else?

If it’s been used a lot, the Igus bushings could certainly be wearing down, they’re cheap to replace, but first clean the rods, and you can see if you can get by just rotating the bushings to a new spot.

The bushings are self-lubricating, so besides cleaning them, there’s not much to do.

But while you’re checking the bushings, check for any obstructions, little pieces of filament stuck in there.

I’ll give that a try and see what happens. Thanks!

You could check all the fasteners to make sure you don’t have a loose one anywhere.

I haven’t found anything loose on the fasteners. I do notice some play up and down if I take the bed and lift up on the end. Maybe 2mm or so. That might be normal though I don’t know. (Edited: The movement is closer to 1 mm not 2)