Taz 2.1 Y Axis Looseness

I noticed my new Taz had some noticeable bed “wiggle” when the Y axis would change directions. I removed the bed to check it out and found this.

Are any other users or LulzBot folks seeing this kind of clearance in the bushings?


This can be adjusted out by loosening the bushing holders from the bed plate and turning them so that they stay in contact with the y-rods while traveling.

Thanks. I will give it a shot.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t use a bearing, other than added noise?

Nope, it’s just added noise. And added cost.

I too have the same amount of slop in the bushings, not sure if it’s a bad batch or meant to have that much, but it made my carriage move up-down about 0.5mm when changed X direction. I tightened it up following Caleb’s directions but it won’t be perfect.

I picked up replacement bearings for ~$1.20USD on fleabay, cheaper than the bushings so I’m hoping they are not total garbage. If they hold up and eliminate the ~1mm slop without misalignment, I’ll deal with a slightly louder machine any day.