Vibration in y axis even after bed swap

I have two taz 6 printers and one started having loud Y travel. There was some kind of vibration going on, I could see the Y belt vibrate when it moved. I tried readjusting the bed, adding some lubricant. I even tried replacing the motor with a spare I had.

In tried moving the printer to the floor incase it was the bench but no change.

Then I went for broke and did a bed swap between my two printers the other one worked fine. I easily swapped the two beds and guess what, the vibration was still there with a totally different bed!

What the hell is going on?

I had what sounds like the same issue in my Y axis. loud noisy vibration. I also was having layer shifting. I replaced belts and bearings to no avail. With the help from Lulzbot support and swapping axis motor driver harnesses, it was proven to be a bad Y axis driver on the Rambo board. Had to replace the board.

How much did that cost?