TAZ6 Bed Vibration

My bed has started to vibrate when moving (see movie) and I cannot detect where the vibration is coming from. It is getting worse the more I print. I have wiped the rails with a microfiber dry cloth and the bed motor seems tight in its mount. The belt also seems snug.

Can anyone help me with this issue?
IMG_0575.MOV (12.9 MB)

Try using a green scrub pad to clean your smooth rods. Over time, the self-lubricating bushings will leave a residue on the smooth rods. Reach out to the support team for detailed assistance after that.

I agree, those rods definitely look like they need a wipe down.

I would check and see if you are not rubbing one of the belt ends on the teeth of the belt.

I’ve wiped, checked belts, confirmed belt tightness, changed linear bearings and still have this bed vibration. It is so violent that it induces layer shifting. I’ve been working with support but have not fixed this issue. It’s like some harmonic resonance takes over only on the Y axis.

Open for more ideas…

That could be a failing Y motor drive on the Rambo.

Check the belt mounts on the bottom of the bed… The screws can loosen over time.

Following “Supports” suggested tests it has been determined that my Rambo board’s Y axis is bad. New board on the way.

Glad you got it sorted out.