*Need Prints done in Flexible mat*

Just thought I’d put a shout out there to anyone who’s honed their skills printing in flexible material. I don’t have time right now to set up my taz for printing in ninja flex and I have a batch of small (penny sized) fittings that I need printed in a strong flexible material. I would make the .stl file available to you! Let me know. Thanks!

No one is printing in flexi material? hmmm…obviously I’d pay for the service. Just not time to setup a flexi struder atm.
let me know!

Check out websites like 3DHubs and MakeXYZ to see if there are any local printers that have flexible materials available.

For sure, just figured I’d start here first… I mean, I could just build a flexi, I’d have to wait for some parts though… :slight_smile:.
was just looking for a quick hit. thanks though.

Alright, well, it’s looking like there aren’t too many ninja flexers out there… like usual. I’ll have to do it myself…
So I’ve been trying to soak up all I can about building a flexstruder… think I have my head wrapped around it so far…just have these questions.

  1. Where to get the correct size PTFE tubing? I see all different kinds availabe on-line, 3mm ID, 3.4mmID, 4MMID, which one is the best to use? Do slight differences in ID matter, I imagine they do.

  2. My plan is to build a hot swap flexistruder, I imagine I have to make sure I’m using the same hotend as my other hotends, or atleast the same thermistor and resistor so I don’t need to reflash the software each time?..

I think this might have the information you are looking for…


More specifically : http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/flexystruder/production_docs/Flexystruder-V1.1-BOM.ods

.25”ODx.125”ID PTFE tube (~4”)

Looks like they used to get it from McMaster Carr but switched to Zoro Tools due to inconsistencies in size.

I haven’t built a Flexystruder yet otherwise I would help you out.

I think there was a thread a while back when it was still in design that may be useful.

Snap, never even thought to check the BOM, blonde moment. :smiley: I should be able to figure it out now. I think the only question remains is what hot end to use, I’m assuming I have to match it to whatever else I’m using so I don’t have to go changing the firmware everytime I hot swap…hmmmmm

So I went and bought this hotend for my flexi build.


It get’s good reviews, great price also. Nicely built with few parts for failure, all parts are cheap and easily changeable incase of issues…plus, AU actually comes out less then CAD…woot woot!

So I have the flexi printed out and now just waiting on most of the parts in the mail, just need to source a small blower fan and figure out where to get the molex connections for the steppers. Eh, sometimes, if you can’t find someone to do the job, ya gotta do it yourself…Can’t wait to get this thing set up to start gett’n my flex on.

I think the plan will be to just swap for now, then evvvvveeeeeeeentually, build another taz4 with a dua lsetup!!!
I’m not comfortable with upgrading my current Taz to a dually, I think I’d rather wait to experiment on a separate machine in case disaster happens.

Congrats man, looks like you could put something like E3D V6 Fan mount on that. You might have to make it custom but the concept and fan style should work.

I would like to build TAZ but I wonder how much the cost would be in comparison to a KITTAZ when you consider sourcing and shipping all the separate parts. :unamused: I would like to build one utilizing some of the upgrades from a the MINI (I guess a TAZ 6?) I know what you mean about disaster happening. Since I got my AO-101 tuned in, I have been very hesitant to make any changes. :confused:

I wonder how they will work it with four fans on the carriage?

Yeah for sure, I think anything will do, I’ll probably just print up a custom mount for it, or there’s probably already something up on thingiverse :wink:

Oh for sure, My Taz4 is pretty much stock, without a second printer, it’s pretty hard to “risk” any upgrades and possibly upgrading yourself out of a working printer, which would be printing the upgrades to begin with…two + printers is key…

Honestly, now that I understand how a 3D printer works, ie. stupidly simple…I’m sure I could build a second printer for a fairly descent price.
the most expensive things are the heater bed setup, the hotend/extruder setup, the Z-screws and rods and of course the Rambo board. Everything else is cheapo stuff that you can find good deals on if you know where to look, or have the time to wait for shipping from…*ehem…a far away place…:slight_smile:

I think if I were to build a second printer, to save some money, I’d probably buy one of those Ramp 1.4 electronics kits off ebay, the one’s packaged with everything, board, steppers, LCD screen etc. just to get up and running, then possibly upgrade later.

But the kittaz is pretty good deal even at that, I did a quick cost tally, even with the bulk order discounts that Lulzbot gets, they aren’t making a whole lot, and then the full printer, being a few hundred more, well that’s just paying for the assembly labor. So the kittaz is pretty hard to beat. No regrets there!

Ofcourse, that would be sweet, a Taz with all the mini hardware, auto leveling etc. I think the Taz 5 could have used those upgrades, the price could have been bumped up a bit because of it also. Right now, I don’t think the changes (hotend and PEI) warrant a new model name. Do those upgrades, then BAM, new release! TAZ 5, auto level, PEI bed, New ultra awesome hot end etc. !! much more wow factor that way.

My dream printer though, 12Cube, maybe 16cube, CoreXY, water cooled, custom CNC hot end, dual traction Fil guide, Plexi enclosure, all in a “pick-up-able” portable package. One day baby, one day!

Ok guys,

One last step in the puzzle, heatsets… I notice the BOM is saying everything is from Timberline, but I’m having trouble pinpointing how to order, it looks like they only supply to busnesses??? Where is everyone getting their heatset inserts.?
I’m in Canada, and Mcmaster wont’ ship to me.

Grainger also sells them.


Oh that’s awesome, 'preciate it. I’ll check them out. thanks. :smiley:

Everything from Timberline should be readily source-able parts locally. It is standard metric hardware such as nut & bolts. We do get the heat inserts from them too, occasionally. You’ll probably have to find an additional source for those, but they should be in Canada.



Hey Jeff,

hardware stores only carry down to M4 size and only up to M10, with only a few different lengths…but yes, look long enough and you can find it.

If Fastenal is the same as it down here they sell the heat set inserts and the other bolts you should need.

Ya, we’ve been getting a lot more from Fastenal recently. They have a large selection and are reliable.

I have a fastenal shop literally within walking distance of my place, it just opened up :slight_smile:. I’ve been meaning to check it out.

So I’m really hoping fastenal has heat set’s, I just checked out globalindustries.ca and the shipping is CRAY CRAY. 15$ order, 50$ shipping! sumf’n aint right.

If your local fastenal doesn’t have them, give them a list of things you want them to stock, and they may do it for you.