best settings for this part in kittaz


I am trying to print a small object with my kittaz but the results are quite bad. I believe that I have a really big error in my setup. Can one of you please print and post a picture of this this way I can continue tweaking my settings.

Thanks a lot

below is what I should (in theory) get (the original piece) and this is what I get (okey I got some improvements in my last trials but there is still a huge difference)

Your images are not working.
Your part seems to be quite small, around 1cm in diameter? Printing at least two at a time will prevent the part from overheating, if thats your problem.


Thanks for the blitz fast reply. I have fixed the images. I tried quite many versions, printing a single copy, printing multiple copies,

if possible can you please print a copy of this? It should take a couple of minutes only :slight_smile:
Also I would be very happy if you can share a lulzbot cure configuration file that would be suitable for this.

thanks a lot for your help

Now I have not the propper rights to view the pictures. Please use the Attachment function to add them to your post :wink:
I will print them when I know whats your problem. I know I can do it, but thats not solving your problem…

Hello Sebastian,

Thanks for being so patient :slight_smile: I have attached the pictures now.

Hard to say whats going on, the quality of the picture is not the best. It looks a little bit oval?
Which slicer do you use? If it’s Cura, I would check the e-steps calibration first, see here. The part should print well with the default profiles.
If it’s Slic3r, you will run into an issue due to a bug in the latest version. In this case, use Cura for this one.
What material are you using?

Okey, I’ll get more detailed pictures at first oppurtunity. I am using Cura Lulzbot edition and my material is ABS.
I have also checked e-steps calibration but aside from the Z height section, didn’t understand much :slight_smile:

Thanks again one more time for the help.
I’ll be posting the pictures hopefully tomorrow


Got new pictures of my print. You can see them below. I used the high detail ABS 0.35mm nozzle Cura profile.

many thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:

Does the KITTAZ has a 0.35mm nozzle?
I think you are definitly over extruding. If the calibration guide is too complicated, try this one from Lulzbot. The pictures should clarify the process.

I will print the part just for fun, I will upload the pictures when done.

Here is my part, printed with Cura and PLA.

oh my!

there is a huge difference. I use the default toolhead that came with kittaz. Isn’t it 3.5mm?

thanks a lot for your help again :slight_smile: I 'll try out the calibration procedure that you’ve linked and will report back the outcome

thanks again!

I have no idea what nozzle was shipped with the kittaz, but 0.35mm is possible. It seems as the first TAZ5 had a 0.35mm nozzle, later and now they have a 0.5mm nozzle.
After a short search, I think you are right. The default nozzle should be 0.35mm

The Kittaz came with the .35mm nozzle with the Buda extruder. It does look like some over extruding. Be sure to measure the diameter of your filament with some calipers at a number of places over about a meter of filament. Take the average reading and enter that into your slicer.
Download the PLA fine profile from Lulzbot and try again. In time, as you learn all the settings in the slicer, you can get good results. I’ve upgraded my Kittaz with the Hexagon hotend and a .25mm nozzle. With it, I can print .08mm layer height with great results. It’s taken a lot of experimenting and tweaking of the settings, but small fine prints are doable.