beware windows updates

after 4 hours of a four and a half hour print, windows update stopped the print and ruined 60 grams of filament. Disable if you haven’t already done so


Ouch. That’s one of the reasons I recommend raspberry pi + Octoprint or similar to people. No auto-updates to mess with you. And no need to leave the nice computer tethered to the printer.

I just disable the windows update service if I am doing a long print.

I thought Windows 10 didn’t let you disable the updates (at least not the Windows 10 Home version).

you have to actually temporarily kill the update service in services.msc

I’m running the Windows 10 Insiders Buildss so I can’t swear that these options are on all versions -

  • You can pause updates for 35 days
  • You can change your Active Hours
  • You can tell windows that you are on a metered connection
  • You can set your Sleep and Screensaver option to Never

All of these will affect interruptions during prints.
Personally, on my Taz5 I just don’t use my PC to print. This leaves me with sneaker netting an SD card to the printer or using Octoprint on my Raspberry Pi. I can slice on the PC and save the GCode to a NAS drive and then pick it up on the Pi (the Pi 3 has both Ethernet and WiFi builtin). Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to do from the SD card.

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