Had to learn it the hard way Never reboot PC while attached to TAZ


So I’m 14 hours into a print that is running from the SD card in my TAZ 6. Windows is bugging me to reboot from a recent update. I’m like sure i’m printing via SD so sure why not. PC shuts down print is still going PC reboots and bam! print stops. I’m like what the! I think something is wrong, check the printer, no error. Hit pause then resume, just sits there. Start searching the forums and bam there it is.

If you are printing from SD just go ahead and unplug that USB cable. that way If your PC reboots your print is not stopped.

Damn woodfill is expensive too!

I also learned that if you’re printing from the sd card you should not plug in the usb cable to your computer either. Plugging it into my Raspberry Pi halted the print instantaneously.

Dude, that sucks; it was going to well! Was it a baby Groot head? The mouth looks familiar…

Yest it was going to be a max build size baby groot.

I had a similar experience. I think many do…eventually.

My solution: Spend about $35 and buy a raspberry pi, install Octoprint, and make your printer autonomous.

Soooo much better. Now, once I upload my files to the Raspberry, I’m done with the computer PLUS now I can manage and view (with a cheapo webcam) the job from anywhere in the world.