Blown Einsy Retro on my Mini 2. Is there a better board to replace it with?

So I learned the hard way why not to clean your nozzle with a wire brush…

PSA for those that don’t already know: The wire brush can cause the heater wire to short to the heater block sending high amperage intended for the heater to the low-amperage input meant for the probe trigger blowing the board. Use something non-conductive like a Scotch-Brite pad.

Since I am in the market to replace the Einsy Retro, is there a better board I could replace it with that would still work with the Mini 2? I would like to upgrade to a 32bit board. Any suggestions or input is appreciated.

Actually the brush put the 24 volts supplied to the heater cartridge into a 5 volt input on the MPU located on the control board. Which made the input transistor go BOOM!!!

I’ve protected myself from these potential shorts by adding some high temperature silicone (Permatex Red RTV High Temp Gasket Maker #81160) to the wires as they enter the heater block.

Was your original question answered? :smirk:. I wondering what other boards are available and what would be the benefit of changing to one now that we know what caused your damage and how to prevent it haha

Super late response here, sorry. But I ended up going with a SKR V1.3 with TMC2130’s. Figured it couldn’t hurt to try at that price. Worked out great. I have been super happy with it and get amazing prints.