Bowden version of E3D V6, for use with Taz4

Just thought I’d make the community aware of these modifications I did to the Taz4.

The first Thingiverse thing allows you to mount the Bowden version of the V6 3mm to the Taz. Using the Bowden version allows you to run PTFE tubing directly from the Heat Brake to the hobbed bolt. (If you get the kit from E3D, they supply the correct tubing.) I have been printing Ninjaflex and Semiflex with wonderful success.

The second thing is a replacement fan shroud. Because the V6 is quite a bit shorter than the Buda, the original fan shroud hits the one bed finger (the one furthest from the origin). The original shroud also sort of misses the nozzle; it blows under the tip rather than directly at the tip. This replacement solves all issues as far as I can tell. (although I rarely print PLA and don’t go through a ton of flexible materials either, so I don’t have a huge amount of experience with the new shroud - the new shroud has an exit with smaller area, so air velocities will be higher for a given fan speed) The new shroud reuses all the original hardware. No heat set inserts are required; screws thread directly into shroud. If you want remove and reinstall shroud frequently, you may want to size up the holes and use inserts.

Could you show a picture of you TAZ 4 with the Bowden E3D setup. Where is your stepper motor located that drives the filament. Thanks.