E3D V6 3mm Hotend Mount W optional 40mm fan mount

I made the attached E3D V6 Hotend mount for the Taz 4 and any others with 50mm mount spacing. It has been working well over the last few weeks so i decided to share it with the Lulzbot Community. The hotend can also be used with the included 40mm fan mount if so desired. Pictures included.


  • This mount is specifically designed for the E3DV6 3mm Direct. While it may work with the bowden version I cannot be sure as I’ve heard the heatsink design is slightly different.

  • There are two Zip files included. One zip file has support built into the STL’s and the other does not. For the versions with support I used the Fast ABS .35mm profile with .26mm layer heights from lulzbot to print it and the supports melted away with ease. For those of you who trust your slicing program to provide support or use other layer heights / widths the support less version is also provided.

  • The fan mount was created because the PC mount it came with eventually came loose and began to rattle over time. Aside from that 40mm fans were easier (and cheaper) to obtain than a replacement fan for the E3DV6

Some pictures of it attached to a spare E3D hotend to include STL Files as needed. The two holes on the fan mount were placed there for ZIP Ties however the mount has sufficient grip to stay in place without them. Enjoy!
W support.zip (281 KB)
No Support.zip (277 KB)