Taz 6 e3d conversion and fan ducts.

Hey guys,

Thought I’d share this since it was a massive pain right at first. So I’ve done the conversion to the e3d v6 full kit and things are now running beautifully. My z issues have all disappeared and getting much nicer finish on my printed parts. However one thing I have always disliked about the Taz 6 is the tiny low output cooling fans used. Long story short the fans are axial and as a result not efficient at all at blowing air through a small aperture. This was abundantly clear on each I switched to the e3d in addition to the cooling fans also blowing cold air on the heater block which sits a tad lower which is pretty much a bad thing for maintaining even heat throughout the print. So here’s the stl for improved cooling system I’m running. The fans I’m using can be found here for dirt cheap…


And the stl files and pictures of the installed ducts can be found here
The removed screws from the original fan duct system can be used to mount the new fans.
tmp_24705-fan mount taz 6 - Left-402192955.stl (178 KB)
tmp_24705-fan mount taz 6 - Right1129210073.stl (216 KB)

Are the part cooling fans on the Taz 24 volts or 5 volts like the hotend heatsink fan? I have an E3D V6 hotend coming today and will be doing the conversion as well.

I have a few of the 5015 fans in 24volt style sitting around since I needed one for my Ender-3 printer so if the Taz 6 uses 24volt fans there I may do a similar conversion.

It is 24v for the cooling fans yes

Hi Im new to the TAZ 6 was a little disappointed the std tool head was not a full, V6 setup, the mod you did was this the complete head V6 Mod or was it just the fans,if it was a new V6 heat breakers nozzles ect could you point me to some more information on this mod…