E3D v6 hotend on Taz 6

Hey guys, I’ve seen a couple of varying posts about how to install the E3D v6 on the Taz 5 and some posts about the Taz 6. I have a couple questions about the process:

  1. Is the process the same for the 5 and 6? Do I just print the mounting plate (E3D v6 mounting plate (TAZ and maybe others) by tmorris9 - Thingiverse) and change that out? I have also seen some users keep the standard mount…
  2. Do the fan ducts need to be changed?
  3. Can I just splice in the fan that comes with the E3D v6 or does the voltage difference matter that much?
  4. What voltage heating element does the Taz 6 have?
  5. Is the PID code the same for the Taz 5 and 6?

Thanks a lot guys! I’m kinda hoping this thread becomes a one stop shop for Taz 6 owners who want the E3D. I am also newer to 3D printing.