Brass insert problem


I have a problem with the x carriage guide.
The brass insert is not holding the hotend mount anymore. It comes out as in the picture.
What are my options?

From quick glance, I’d just find a longer M3 bolt and put a nut on the other side?..not near my printer atm though, not sure if that’s possible.

I guess anything’s possible. But this is probable-

Using soldering iron to insert it into plastic. Brass heats up, melts the plastic around it, and it makes a connection

I would like to print a new X carriage and the X carriage guide.
My TAZ is 3.1
Do I use this folder-
which is for AO
…because I couldn’t find one for the TAZ regarding X carriage


That one will work, as will:

What should the soldering iron temp be to do these inserts into ABS?


Mine doesn’t have temp settings.
Just remember most solders go at 370C (700F)
that should be more than enough because if you go through ABS, 230C is your temp standard for 3d printing